Writing Peactice 2

Seriously, anyone can be a writer only they own something. Something refer to insistance, patience, expectation.4340704031_d6a4456f67_t

Insistance, easily to understand. Like what I am doing now, I am writing, just write. If I am writing continually day by day, this called insistance. Anyone who have successfully become a writer would got through this process. Me too! Patience, it is similar to insistance somehow. But for this factor, writers who have patience will review writing knowledge and theories again and again. They are mostly insist on writing practice, have patient on citation, resource formatting and etc. If people have both of above features, and have expectation for their life, they can be a writer. But be a good writer, or a better writer, depends on ourselves.

I want to be a writer, be a better writer. I know it will take a long time to make this dream come true, but it can be real. Besides writing, I want to read more books, make me understand english books more easier.  In additions, reading can also improve my writing skills.

Many people ask those who are writers, when they will become a real writer from their beginning writing time. It was quantitity to quality change. (I think most peopel know that) And it takes time, at least one year practice continually( I think).

To be a beginning writer, I think I should writing continually at least twice a week. I think, it’s all I think. Don’t be a thinker, be a doer. Thinking can help me a little bit, but not too much. It was just like if I always thinking, do not doing things, nothing would happen in the future. I also have other things to do in this year.

I want to study myself about Financial market. I want to study theories common knowledge. For some people, it is really easy to do these things. But for me, I am a lazy person. I am not sure I can reach my goal. But, I need to do it, as much as possible as I can. You never know what you can do until you really do it. I am weak sometimes, because I even don’t have courage to move the first step, I must said to myself many times like I can do it fine, and then begin to start.

Who knows I can do what? But, courage, courage, courage, is the big personality I am lacking. I can feel if I have courage, I can do anything like any other people. Okay, breath, I have set my goals, writing practice, studying finance. And now, I just need to do what I planned, I said to myself. Do it, just, do it!

500 Words, Everyday Writing for One month—First Day

I just joined Jeff Goin’s 500 words challenge., now it’s time to get start.

Actually, I have just post few articles in my blogging sites, I want to write, write and insist on it. But I have never writing day after day. I am disappoint myself. So, I write publicly now. Because I know if I do it publicly, many people would see what I do, am I achieve my goal? So, I am starting now. Write it publicly.

Today, my topic is introduction about myself. It is really an easy topic to write.

My name is Yufei Geng. English name is Chelsy. Because many of my classmates can not call my name correctly in Chinese pronunciation, so I choose an English name to myself. In this way, I feel more comfortable when they call me. I am a student who study in America about three years. I am still studying in the college now. I love to write in Chinese, also enjoy writing in English even it’s more difficult to me. But, who cares? When we have something want to do, I want to achieve that goal, even the process is tough.

What else I can introduce? Right, about my educational background. Before studying in the college, I was choosing my major. I was considering about what I am good at, what I want to do. Then, I choose my major, Finance. I was thinking I am good at algebra, calculus. I want to earn more money. So, I choose this major. I know in financial area, it is too competitive to find a job if I am not outstanding.  But, who cares?

I choose this major, then I prepare for it. I am attending Student Association as a Treasurer. I self study theories of financial market. I also have an ambition, I want to join a competition that relate to my major somehow every two month, and be a winner as possible as I can. I still not do it. I am so weak, I am afraid of I lose.  But, at the mean time, I know lose is normal. Nobody can win every time when they set a goal.

I have a plan for future three years. I want to get my bachelor degree in Finance, and then become a volunteer for one year after graduation. Why I want to volunteering? I want to help others. I want to know the true face of the earth. I have only visited two countries, America and Japan. I want to see more places. Volunteering is a good way to reach the point. In additions, I am staying in the campus all the time. In hometown, from elementary to high school and to American college. I have never work and study as another role, volunteer. I want to experience, to know the poverty, homeless, starvation. I want to know what I can do in real.

To be a contributor, I will know something I do not know. I never be a contributor, I will know what price my parents and other people pay me. It will be great experience, I hope.

My Goal

I want to traveling the world, I want to have my own business.

I want to studying at least four languages, I want to be a good writer,

I want to be good at Math, I want to be a finance major student.

I want to do what I love, I want to stay hungry stay foolish.

I want to be a professional piano player, I want to be a master reader.

I want to to a patient person, I want to be a keep trying person.

I want to be a craft designer, I want to be a jewelry designer.

I want to be myself, I want to toward the ocean, smiling forever.